Tired of white space
Negative space? The standard padding and margins etc.

I think it's time for a radical layout change. Time for some Blog Roll!

Notes to self:
use 100% instead of 100vh to stop iPad tabs pushing things down a tad.
Test positioning options – top right etc
Check styling of lead paragraph
Consider ‘onclick’ editing of paragraphs
‘add text’ has stopped working…
I really should buy a new keyboard for this iPad
Check set-up for mjbrp48 port number Textstatic

There’s always something. One step forward and all that. Good job I have an existing paragraph I can edit or the Internet would be deprived of my rambling insights.

I’m not sure I’m really in the mood to add anything. It’s a Monday in mod October – the first time it’s felt cold enough to let the heating system kick into life.