Beer o’clock
It’s 5:30 on a quiet Thursday

about 2 months ago

Time for a beer


Apparently having less time focusses one’s efforts

about 2 months ago

Or perhaps only having a few minutes per day for my own work means I have a fresh perspective each time.


Tired of white space
Negative space? The standard padding and margins etc.

about 2 months ago

I think it's time for a radical layout change. Time for some Blog Roll!

So much data to process, so little time

about 5 months ago

With a relentless inbound flow of data sooner or later you have to be a bit clever about how you query it

Notes to Self - where was/am I?
It’s been a while since I stopped for breath - time for a catch up

about 6 months ago

I need to jump out of the code vortex into the abyss of admin. But first, a brief review.

How Google ruined the Internet
An opinion piece by CyberMat

about 7 months ago

The following article is an opinion piece exploring the state of internet/web publishing and isn’t intended to be taken too seriously.


Irritation Games - Facebook vs Google
I’ve reached my limit on being pestered to sign-in

about 7 months ago

The levels of sign-in nagging on Facebook and Google have becomg unbearable


Friday: a long day of trying to compose with Symfony

about 8 months ago

Reminder: input text size 16px


Slight change of plan

about 8 months ago

It might be good idea to develop things without a fat CSS/JS framework, but right now, for me, the benefits outweigh the costs.

Note to self:
Need an ‘add a page’ option

more than a year ago

It’s a good job I know how to hack my own database