And here we are again
It’s Friday, it’s way after 5 to 5 and Crackerjack as a cultural reference is long forgotten

Godzilla seems to have been reborn so perhaps Crackerjack will return.

I was about to wax lyrical about today’s image, but my unfinished re-write of my image code has resulted in ‘broken’

Broken-schmoken. I have the mighty combo of iPad and Terminus which is no match for an uploaded image being in the wrong directory, so back to the image - taken yesterday just before departing from The Boot in Histon. Call me Scroogy-McScroogyface but a meal for two the day after Valentine’s Day is my preference over following the ‘painting-by-numbers’ out-of-season roses, cheap fizz and chocolates cliché. And it’s not really a money thing. It’s more a reaction against being prescribed a set of expected behaviours by marketing wonks.

Ooh - I wonder if it’s time for an old man rant? I could whinge about Christmas not being as traditional as it used to be, moan about the Yanks ruining Halloween with Trick or Treat, or get my soap box out and shout about Mother’s’ Day usurping the old church thing Mothering Sunday when you’re supposed to return to your ‘Mother’ parish to say hello or Hail Mary or something - I dunno. I’m as ignorant as anyone about these things really. In a nutshell I just hate the ads.

So now back to the image. I quite like it for an opportunistic quick snap, and it’s interesting to see how the iPhone has decided to throw the focus off the horn as though it’s something behind the rhino. As they’re basically a pinhole cameras, phones have to put depth of field blurring in as an effect, and this pic clearly shows how it sometimes gets it wrong. And as in case I needed to reassure myself that I haven’t just made that up or simply repeated something that corresponds to my bias, I’ve just viewed the image in the iPad ‘Photos’ app which gives the option to turn the ‘Portrait’ effect off.



Tonight’s rushed update is all about system globals that control navigation menus


Revision 5243

Probably not the best place to test a new core component, but hey - I’m busy during the day, and only this website will be effected.

18:54 - Definitely time

I’m not sure booze and blood pressure meds are the best combo, so I’ll need to keep an eye on things

Thursday, 17:45 - time for pizza

The White Swan in Exning doesn’t offer much in the way real ale, but it’s too cold and wet to stand around chatting with Sandro.

Midnight Sun 26 Nov

I think this might be my highest post to date


In Cambridge

I think a quick stop into M&S was the only reason for today’s trip


A weekend in Great Yarmouth

A Banksy, a Weatherspoons and a wander round some dereliction.


Tired of white space

I think it's time for a radical layout change. Time for some Blog Roll!

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