ProgressApparently having less time focusses one’s efforts

Or perhaps only having a few minutes per day for my own work means I have a fresh perspective each time.

Yesterday saw some things on the list ticked off. The 100% height issue was more complicated than it seemed initially, but adding some margins does the job for now. The positioning options have been tested and headings that overlay the main over image can now be set to top, middle and bottom on the left or right.

Lead paragraph styling has been sorted. On-click/inline paragraph editing needs a bit of a session and is destined for the long grass. 'Add text' has been fixed – there's a bug that stops the submission working: probably a clash when JS is included with dynamic content.

The iPad keyboard I want costs more than I can justify at the moment. Textstatic set-up is complete.

Now what?
Images I suppose

Not sure I want to start another images session though. Maybe I'll get rsync set-up on my Pi instead.