6pm on a Feb Thursday - Time for pint and a ponder
Images. Not just rotation - which is a head-scrambler - but aspect ratio too

The conundrum revolves around different things using the same image and the same size.

You might want to feature an image in a page in its original portrait form, but then want to display it again in a recipe or calendar event as a squared image. Two versions of the same image can't occupy the same space at the same time – so how to handle this?

Without going into the back story, I'm now considering a 'per-parent' image set. This would mean the set of images might look something like: the Master / original file then: variations specified by the parent view. Would there need to be a default set - probably. This would be for image galleries/collections. Hang on though...

I'm not sure I can do much more this evening. It's not the Cambridge sociologists talking about mid-life crisis exercise and their pHDs, or the sound of bragging drifting over from the other side of the pub, no - it's the soundtrack to Taxi Driver blasting out from behind the bar at a volume that suggests the staff have had a bet to see how quickly they can get rid of customers. It's just weird. I know I'm sensitive to loud 80's music in pubs, and other lazy Spotify playlists, but right now I'd swap.