Image rotation thinking required
Create a rotated version, strip exif, or match rotation using CSS?

When image rotation/orientation is controlled using exif data, copies made by a system that ignores exif can look a bit sideways.

So, what are the options? The simplest thing would be to strip out the exif data - create an exact copy, rotated based the exif orientation/rotation value. But removing info seems like a tad neanderthal. CSS can rotate just about anything using transform(rotate([n]deg)) - might be worth experimenting.

I expect there might be a way to copy the exif data from the original to any variations that might be created. Decisions, decisions.

I supposed I could save the exif data in the image database record, and then zap it from the image file... It would take less disk space than creating a copy of the main, master, full-size version.