Another evening, another update

Tonight’s rushed update is all about system globals that control navigation menus

It’s not quite complete, but the guts of it is there, which hopefully means the general offal store is well stocked now. I’m not sure that sentence works, but I’m pushed for time so it’s staying for now.

Navigation menus have been the focus. Usually they’re simple enough, but if you want to use a background image, it’s quite nice to add some transparency to the main menu of a page and position the image behind it. Again, by itself it doesn’t sound too complicated, but the combo of ‘named’ colours being used as classnames, selecting an RGBa color as well as choosing ‘fixed’ or ‘absolute’ position options, and, well, there’s potential for these settings to clash.

Thankfully the worst damage I can cause by messing this up is a opaque menus and slightly mis-positioned images.