18:54 - Definitely time
‘tis the season and all that

I’m not sure booze and blood pressure meds are the best combo, so I’ll need to keep an eye on things

There are a few potentially boozy occasions in the pipeline. Tomorrow there’s a work do in London, which I kinda have to go to as I rarely meet the team in real life. Friday is an extra boys curry night. Extra because it’s usually held exclusively on the first Friday of every month. I’m not entirely committed to going to that though as the following night is the Badminton AGM – the agenda being: drink beer, eat Thai food, more beer. I’m not 100% up with the foundations of the joke. There seems to have been a badminton club in Burwell to the point where it almost looks like a thing when searching on the Internet - until one follows any of the links, which all seem to link to a defunct burwellsports.notanymore.gone.

Crap - My CMS is refusing to accept my garbled post. Ah well - at least I can’t get all fist-wavey with the system as wrote the thing. I’ll just have to use notes until I’m back in front of something that can show me if there’s a JavaScript error.

Where was I? Booze - ah yes - work, curries, and a trial run trip to Enfield. The plan is to take the Romanian with us on Christmas Day and Saturday will be a dry run to see how our guests’ cat feels about meeting a sometimes over-friendly cat botherer for the first time. Based on previous similar events, my prediction is that the meeting might prove to be a tad on the traumatic side for the feline contingent. And as for ‘dry run’, trips to Enfield usually involve taking a few bottles along. Now it feels like destiny might be setting up a crisis. Saturday now features an afternoon trip South, and an evening boys clubs Thai food thing. That’s a lot of booze-dodging. Chin-stroke, chin-stroke.

Meanwhile, re the booze dodging, I have been meaning to start tracking consumption. When I first broke the GP’s BP machine I tried logging drinks using a phone app. It sort of worked but needed more effort that I could be arsed with. If there was a button that just said ‘pint’ or ‘vino’, then I’d probably use it without thinking - which, I suppose is the point - if you have to think about it, you probably won’t want to do it. The app I tried needed the user to click through lots of options just to register the first pint of the day - exact measure, ABV, click, scroll, select, yawn.

I have built an online widget to track my meds. I get teased for writing my own online widgets for this sort of thing, but I now have something that lists what I’m supposed to take each day with a 2 click way to record the consumption of each pill. I reckon I should expand it a little to record ad hoc consumption of other things like drinks, and potentially food. Not the calorie specific, bar-code-scantastic sort of thing that Superwoman uses - just a simple quantity logger. There was something else… something else trackable… exercise.