Midnight Sun 26 Nov
Time to make some notes

I think this might be my highest post to date

According to the screen in front of me, we’re at 9753 meters and 867kmph - due to land in JB in a little over 7.5 hours. I would normally post something online while flying, but having paid 18 euros for a connection only to find out it’s too pitifully slow to use for anything interesting, I might as well post some text and get something for my money.

I contemplated buying the streaming package for 30 euros, but it doesn’t look like there’s an option to upgrade and the online system for buy options seems to have stopped working. Probably a good thing. 30 Euros is a bit steep for just watching the new De Who episode. Sad but true? Maybe a bit sad, but that was the plan. One of my private servers in London is set-up as a VPN and I’m currently downloading an episode at trickle speed. I expect I’ll cancel it in a bit thought - i don’t think the 7 hours will do


I’m trying an image upload. I’ll be surprised if it works. Meanwhile I’d like to point out that I’m in the middle seat of three. It’s rather cramped and uncomfortable, and to type this I’m having to impersonate a preying mantis. If you spot some typos, don’t expect an appology. There are some minor plusses. There are no seats directly behind ours, so we can recline without worrying about it. The bod directly in front of me hasn’t reclined yet - when that happens I think it will become too squished to type, even in spazmantis mode. No offence intended - I’ll reword that if anyone complains.

I really am rather wedged in. I should try to sleep, but I don’t know if I’m a plane-sleeper - too selfconsious about snoring or uncoiling once asleep, arms splayling akimbo with dribble drenching the rediculous neck brace I bought in Heathrow.

I’ve cancelled the Dr download. I received my email receipt for the 18E though, so that’s all good. And my image has uploaded. The bright light is the moon. I wonder if Radio 4 will stream…

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