In Cambridge
might as well take some pics for testing

I think a quick stop into M&S was the only reason for today’s trip

The Snowy Farr monument.
I used to live in Oakington, the same village as Snowy Farr. You couldn’t miss his house near the crossroads, mainly because of the large wooden scaffold in the front garden semi-permanently covered in slowly disintegrating soft toys and teddy bears. At the foot of the creepy crusifiction was a board with the running total of donations he’d collected, which was roughly 30K when I moved to the village, and not much different when he popped his clogs in 2006. I always thought it was a bit of a backhanded honour when the City decided to spend almost exactly the same amount of money on the weird sculpture/statue thing that stands in the corner of the Market Square. A plaque and a donation to the charities he supported would seem a more fitting tribute in my view, but hey - what do I know?



Tonight’s rushed update is all about system globals that control navigation menus


Revision 5243

Probably not the best place to test a new core component, but hey - I’m busy during the day, and only this website will be effected.

18:54 - Definitely time

I’m not sure booze and blood pressure meds are the best combo, so I’ll need to keep an eye on things

Thursday, 17:45 - time for pizza

The White Swan in Exning doesn’t offer much in the way real ale, but it’s too cold and wet to stand around chatting with Sandro.

Midnight Sun 26 Nov

I think this might be my highest post to date


In Cambridge

I think a quick stop into M&S was the only reason for today’s trip


A weekend in Great Yarmouth

A Banksy, a Weatherspoons and a wander round some dereliction.


Tired of white space

I think it's time for a radical layout change. Time for some Blog Roll!

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