Monday evening. Time for a break

The problem with having a full time job is, well, the fullness of the time it takes. The sensible demon that sites on my left shoulder whispers helpful advice about simply scrapping half-baked ideas instead of clinging onto ancient dreams. The sentimental right side demon agrees, but the stubborn idiot in the middle ignores both and brushes them both off like schoolboy dandruff. My projects are my pets. They’re not doing any harm. And I like to think they still help enough to justify their costs.

The thought of rm -R does sometimes appeal - like binning the contents of the garage or attic - but who does that?

Did I say Monday? I think I meant Tuesday

A different day and a different pub. Yesterday the 5 Bells and today the Dyke’s End. Ah but that isn’t open on a Tuesday, I imagine you might say. Indeed, I’d reply, but I’m on the guest list for helping to put up Christmas decorations – me and American Santa, if he ever turns up.